Cardio Studio


Our cardio studio has all the cardio equipment needed to increase your fitness, comprising of treadmills, steppers, rowing machines and exercise bikes. This is a must for individuals looking to increase cardiovascular fitness and lose weight.  (more…)

Dedicated Abs Room


The Abs room has all the equipment needed to sculpt your six pack / abdominals. The room also includes a professional punch bag and speed ball. (more…)

Free Weights Area


For Bodybuilding enthusiasts, our dumbbells peak at 72kg – plenty for even the most experienced trainer. We also offer a huge selection of free weights and Olympic barbells and plates, along with free standing squat racks, benches and an impressive Smith Machine.  (more…)

Ladies Only Fitness Suite


Here at Peak Physique Health and Fitness centre we pride ourselves on the attention to our customer needs, so this is why we designed a “Ladies only” fitness suite. Ladies are welcome to train in a male free environment. All of the equipment situated within the studio is ideal to tone, lose weight and become fitter.  (more…)

Power Pitt


Large gym area with strongman / functional equipment (more…)

Quality Changing Facilties


High quality changing areas, comprising of showers, hair drying facilities, toilet and cloak room.

Sunbed Room


We offer a very private sunbed room, with a state of the art sunbed.

Just £1.75 for five minutes, a must if you need to top up your tan.

Weight Training Studios


Here at Peak Physique we offer a vast array of free weights, combined with a large selection of resistance equipment to enable the user to tone and / or increase their muscular size. (more…)